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Since the beginning, humans have worked to harness the flame. At atmosfire, we believe fire can kindle conversation, ignite creativity, and forge memories unlike any other element. It’s why we develop products, like the Draw Collar, that make harnessing the flame easier, safer and more efficient.

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  • We use this draw collar on our wood burner and it makes all the difference in getting the fire started... read more

    Lynda Carter
    Draw Collar Image
    Draw Collar

    We purchased the draw collar almost two years ago now, so we have gone through two long winters here in... read more

    Jeff Porter

    I would like to thank you for producing what I consider to be the most revolutionary product for drafting a... read more

  • After googling downdrafts associated with wood stoves, I came across your Draw Collar. It made every bit of sense... read more

    Victor Valdez

    I used to have two issues with our fireplace. One with getting draw when starting a fire, causing smoke to... read more


    Since we purchased the Draw Collar, we have not had a single problem with drafts or smoke. The collar... read more

  • I've always wanted a wood-burning stove in our family room, not just for ambiance, but as a practical secondary source... read more


    My wife and I were discussing the collar last night and how much it has helped. I remember lighting... read more


    I live in PA and was fed up with battling to get my wood burning insert to draw before lighting... read more

  • Thanks for suggesting the Draw Collar. I was anxious to see the fit and finish quality of Draw Collar.... read more

    Patrick Ward

    We are so very grateful to have come across the Draw Collar. We had desperately been searching for a... read more


    We had a new fireplace installed in the basement but just couldn't seem to get it started without smoking up... read more

    Bill van der Meer
  • We finally installed a wood stove this winter, and we love the coziness and ambiance it provides in our home.... read more

    Ben Williams

    I used the Collar to start two fires and it's the cure! I can walk away with minimal fire... read more


    I have a basement wood burning stove and for the last couple of years it has been very difficult to... read more

    Thomas Butler
  • Thanks for finding the cure to my wood stove I have a two story house and could never get the... read more


    Just a month or so ago we were able to get a Draw Collar and installed it. I wasn't... read more

    Brett Pickock

    We have always wanted to have a wood burning stove in our home, but because of my wifes allergies to... read more

    Joe & Gloria Galloway
  • My name is Don. I live in Wash. State, in a split level home. My Quadra-fired stove smoked... read more

    Don Hays

    I live in Vermont and have a wood stove installed in my basement fireplace. My problem was that it is... read more


    We were having three problems with our new woodstove: smoke often entered the room when starting a fire(even though I... read more

    Bruce Marston

Our Most Popular Products

The Vesta award

In 2001, this award was created to recognize and honor manufacturers for leading innovations and technology in specific categories.

The Draw Collar was created from scratch in 2008. It went through the necessary testing, and manufacturing in order to be sold as an international product in the Venting & Ducting world.

It was taken to the Hearth & Home Expo of 2009 for the first time. Draw Collar was set on display with a jaw dropping demonstration.

At the end of the expo, Draw Collar was recognized as the best new product in Venting & Ducting.