We believe in making products that solve problems in the simplest way possible.  We believe in creating a quality product that does what it promises to do.  We believe that if a product doesn’t fix the problem, you shouldn’t have to keep it.  We believe in satisfied customers.  

John LaMunyon, III invented the Draw Collar because he was repeatedly frustrated when trying to light a fire in the stove at his cabin in the high Uinta mountians of Utah.  After trying all of the age-old tricks (lit newspaper up the flue, hair dryer, and finally a torch), he determined that there must be an easier way to create draw.  His focus?  Finding a way to pre-heat the pipe.  

John has been in the hearth industry for 20 years, doing everything from installation, sales and now, product manufacturing.  Not only had he experienced draw problems for himself, but he has heard the frustration of customers who desire the simplicity of burning wood, yet fear the problems of smoke filled rooms.  

John knew that there were already products on the market that claimed to solve the problems, but his experience told him they rarely actually worked, and that with their fans and moving parts, they were susceptable to breaking down.  He knew that heat was the only real solution.

The Draw Collar was introduced at the HPBExpo in March of 2009, and drew the attention of many within the industry. It was awarded the prestigious VESTA award, and judges were impressed with its simple, effective design.  It has been on the market ever since, and we are proud to say, that we have not yet had one Draw Collar returned because of non-performance.  

The Draw Collar has gone through extensive testing and certifications, and passed with flying colors.  You can feel confident in the safety of our product.