Thoughts on the Draw Collar When we first bought our new stove and tried to start a fire it was very smokey before the stove and pipes warmed up enough to create a draft. And the smoke... read more
Larry Shumway
...we will be able to enjoy our stove all winter in Quebec! J’avais tout essayé mais rien d’y faisait, la majorité du temps j’avais un flux descendant d’air froid que je ne pouvais pas contrer et cela rendait le poêle impossible à utiliser. J’ai découvert Dra Collar... read more
Charles Tine
We use this draw collar on our wood burner and it makes all the difference in getting the fire started quickly and smoke free. I highly recommend this product!
Lynda Carter
Draw Collar Image
Draw Collar
We purchased the draw collar almost two years ago now, so we have gone through two long winters here in NE. We burn for about 75% of our heat, which means burning almost daily... read more
Jeff Porter
I would like to thank you for producing what I consider to be the most revolutionary product for drafting a fireplace. I had contacted your company after seeing your product video on Youtube. ... read more
After googling downdrafts associated with wood stoves, I came across your Draw Collar. It made every bit of sense on its function so I decided after talking to you to order one. I... read more
Victor Valdez
I used to have two issues with our fireplace. One with getting draw when starting a fire, causing smoke to enter the room instead of going up the chimney. The second issue was when... read more
Since we purchased the Draw Collar, we have not had a single problem with drafts or smoke. The collar heats up the fireplace enough to keep the cold air from coming down the chimney.... read more
I've always wanted a wood-burning stove in our family room, not just for ambiance, but as a practical secondary source of heat as well. However, friends and neighbors cautioned us against this choice, citing... read more
My wife and I were discussing the collar last night and how much it has helped. I remember lighting the fire one evening, and all the smoke that started to billow from the fireplace... read more
I live in PA and was fed up with battling to get my wood burning insert to draw before lighting it. I tried all the usual tricks such as lighting a ball of paper and... read more
Thanks for suggesting the Draw Collar. I was anxious to see the fit and finish quality of Draw Collar. When I opened the box, I was happy to see it was built very... read more
Patrick Ward