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Draw Collar

Get the Most Out of Your Wood Burning Stove with our Draw Collar Draft Inducer

What Is A Draw Collar Draft Inducer And Why Should You Have One?

Wood burning stoves have been around for 100’s of years. They are becoming increasingly popular again as a way to heat homes due to their efficiency and cost savings.

However, most wood burning stoves all have to combat cold air back drafting into the room. This is when smoke or cold air finds its way out of the stove and into your living space. This causes two problems.

1) Your furnace or other heat source has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

2) If cold air is flowing into your home, it is going to make it harder to light a fire - the "draw" is affected. This results in either the fire getting smothered, or the smoke puffs into your house until enough heat is created to establish proper draw. 

If you are struggling with either of these problems, a Draw Collar Draft Inducer will resolve them.


The Draw Collar

The Draw Collar is a simple device that replaces a section of your wood stove pipe and uses a small amount of electricity to create heat. This keeps your air flowing in the right direction - to the outside of your home.

The Draw Collar has a thermal sensor that regulates the temperature of the stove pipe to maintain air flow in the stove pipe to help create a stronger draft. It creates an upward flow of air that feeds combustion and ensures that the burning wood releases optimal energy and heat, all the way up to complete burnout. This is essential for:

-not allowing cold air to enter the home through the stove

-effective heat output

-longer burn times

-better combustion

-preventing pollutants from entering the home/structure

-less creosote build up in the stove pipe

The Draw Collar has no moving parts, which means it is silent when running- unlike other draft inducers on the market.  It is obstruction free, making it easy to clean your stove pipe regularly.  It also comes with a satisfaction guarantee.


A Step-by-Step Guide To Installing A Draw Collar Draft Inducer For Your Wood Burning Stove

Installing our Draw Collar to your wood burning stove is one of the easiest ways to increase efficiency and decrease the risk of pollutants. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to install this on your wood stove or wood burning stove insert. We’ll go over all the tools needed, as well as any tips that will help you get it done quickly and correctly.

1) Remove the pipe that is directly connected to the top of your wood burning stove.

2) Unbox your draw collar.

3) Drop the Draw Collar into place at the top of the stove and connect it to the upper pipe sections.

4) Plug in the power cord to a power outlet.

5) Light a fire!

Care to watch the installation process in action?

Common Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Draw Collar Draft Inducer Working Efficiently

Keeping your draw collar draft inducer working at its best and most efficient is essential for your chimney and safe hearth operation. Our draw collar provides combustion air control in wood burning stoves and wood stove inserts, allowing them to operate efficiently. As part of regular maintenance for keeping it in top condition, there are a couple of general tips to follow.

-Clean your chimney frequently with a chimney brush (at least 2 times a season). 

-Clean your wood burning stove monthly and remove any ash build up.

Thats it! Our Draw Collar has no maintenance needs or special tasks! As long as you keep up on your regular stove maintenance, the Draw Collar should function perfectly!


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