About Our Business

We are a small business located in the beautiful mountains of western Wyoming, USA. We specialize in innovative wood burning stove solutions and excellent customer service.

Atmosfire all started with our patented Draw Collar. The Draw Collar was first introduced to the world in 2008 and was awarded the prestigious Vesta Award.

Since then, we have expanded our products and maintained our excellent customer service. Here are a few of our most asked questions. If you still have a question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us either by email or by our social media accounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Draw Collar work?

The Draw Collar patented process uses a heating element to preheat the flue to create draw prior to lighting a fire.  There are no moving parts, no fans, and is completely silent.   

How much power does the Draw Collar use?

The Draw Collar uses 3.8 amps at 120v.

How long does the Draw Collar take to create draw?

It depends on the conditions and flue configuration.  Most applications take 5-10 minutes, but may take longer in extreme circumstances.  You can test to see if draw is established by lighting a match, blowing it out, and seeing if the smoke pulls towards the flue.

Does the Draw Collar change required clearances?

No.  The Draw Collar has been subjected to rigorous testing, and will not change the clearance requirements.

Can the Draw Collar be installed horizontally?

Yes.  It will function exactly the same way as in vertical applications.

Can the cord rest on the fireplace? Can I use an extension cord?

Yes, the cord is made up of high grade temperature resistant wire and covered with a high temperature sleeving, and is designed to withstand those high temps.  And yes, you can use an extension cord if you need to in order to reach an outlet.

How long can the Draw Collar be left on?

The Draw Collar may be left on 24 hrs a day 7 days per week if needed.  It is designed with a thermal sensor which will turn the unit on and off as the temperature reaches a set point.  Leaving the Draw Collar on allows it to prevent any reverse draft, which keeps the cold air and any smoky smells from coming down the flue when the stove or insert is not in use or the fire dies down.

Does the thermal electric fan require electricity?

No, it generates its own energy (electricity) through the heat rising from the stove.

Are there different sizes for the Thermal Electric Fan?

No. They are all the same size and have the same output. You can use more than one fan at a time to increase airflow.

Can I use the Draw Collar if I have a woodburning stove insert?

Yes, we have a draw collar specifically designed for inserts.

Will the thermal electric fan work in a power outage?

Yes. They create their own energy and will work as long as there is heat rising from the stove.

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