blue thermal electric fan with silver base support

Thermal Electric Fan

Thermal electric fans for wood burning stoves are becoming popular because they are an extremely efficient way to heat your home and don’t require any electricity!

These fans use the heat generated by fire within your wood stove to power a fan that circulates air throughout the room. This helps eliminate cold spots in your room and reduce energy costs.

Our thermal powered fans are easy to install and are great for controlling humidity levels and cold spots in your home. All you need to do is unbox, place on top of your wood burning stove, and enjoy the warmth! 

Atmosfire fans generate 3V of power to create 180 CFMs (cubic feet of air a minute).  

Not only do they look great, but they are whisper quiet- without losing their efficiency.

Atmosfire has 8 different colors of thermal fans to choose from. Another bonus, you can use as many as you would like-at the same time!

All-in-all, thermal powered fans for wood burning stoves make an excellent addition to any household looking for an energy efficient way to save on their utility bills while still providing comfortable warmth during those cold winter months!
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