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Since the beginning, humans have worked to harness the flame. At atmosfire, we believe fire can kindle conversation, ignite creativity, and forge memories unlike any other element. It’s why we develop products, like the Draw Collar, that make harnessing the flame easier, safer and more efficient.

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The Vesta award

In 2001, this award was created to recognize and honor manufacturers for leading innovations and technology in specific categories.

The Draw Collar was created from scratch in 2008. It went through the necessary testing, and manufacturing in order to be sold as an international product in the Venting & Ducting world.

It was taken to the Hearth & Home Expo of 2009 for the first time. Draw Collar was set on display with a jaw dropping demonstration.

At the end of the expo, Draw Collar was recognized as the best new product in Venting & Ducting.